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Grow-Op Chicago

Grow-Op Chicago is a community garden advocacy group and seed-starting initiative based in Logan Square. Our mission is to increase the growing capacity of community gardens. We mobilize volunteers to start seeds at home and then distribute the mature plants to participating gardens and organizations. At our Hostel HQ, we host weekly garden days, all-ages workshops, and offer community composting for free.


Black & Brown Babes Collective

We are an inclusive, intersectional group of Black & Brown Babes encompassing folx of various ethnic backgrounds coming together in fellowship, support, mutual respect, and discourse to build a greater understanding of the respective issues affecting one another and our communities. We curate monthly selfcare gatherings, host art & music shows, and hold workshops. Black & Brown Babes strive to always center on the needs of folx of color, babes of all genders, of all orientations, and our selfcare. 

Cofounded by Rae Bees 


Sinkhole Sounds

Sinkhole Sounds is our record label and recording studio. We record local bands, poetry compilations, live performances, and have operated as a practice and performance space for 7 years.

Starting this winter, we will now handle digital distribution, tape cassette duplication, host showcases around the city, and partner to release compilations spotlighting poets and comedians.


What About Chicago?

A weekly podcast exploring live art, music, entertainment and culture in Chicago. It is hosted by accomplished Rahim Salaam and produced by Ben Moroney. 
The true mission of the show is to share and expose concerts, events, meetings, gatherings, exhibitions, etc., that tend to fly under the radar of mainstream participation.